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What to Expect at Hafely Chiropractic

Your First Visit

On your initial visit you be warmly greeted and welcomed to our office by our Office Manager, Stephanie. She will then ask you to fill out some forms including, your demographic information, a detailed health history, consent forms, etc. If you have health insurance, your cards will be photo copied at this time.

Welcome to Hafely Chiropractic in Girard

You will immediately feel at home the moment you walk in the door.

Upon completion of these forms we will walk you back to an examination room where you will meet with Dr. Hafely for a consultation and an examination. Both of these procedures will help him identify exactly where your problem is and what needs to be done to get you the fastest results.

After the consultation and examination Dr. Hafely will determine if you are a good candidate to receive chiropractic care and what, if any, treatment is warranted that day. If any treatment is provided it will be explained in detail, and any questions regarding the treatment will be answered.

Dr. Hafely may also recommend additional testing such as; X-rays, MRI, CT, blood work, etc. He may also recommend some techniques and treatments for you to do at home including; ice/heat, exercises, proper lifting techniques, etc. This will be explained in detail at this time.

If you have had any recent testing and have the results/reports please bring those with you to your first visit.

No Wait Policy

We realize your is time, as is ours. Therefore, we have a no wait policy at our office. Generally you are seen within minutes of your appointment. This initial visit usually takes no more than an hour.

Regular Visits

A typical office visit involves a review of how you are progressing, an examination, and treatment. These visits usually do not take more than 15-30 minutes.

Give our Girard chiropractic office a call to schedule an appointment so we can help you and your family.

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